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时间:22.12.2018 (Sat)  

地点:Blue Pier

​费用:$50会员/ $60非会员



"Fantasy Life" Dances with Cheongsam!

From time to time, there was drizzle outside the window, and the orchid flower swayed in the wind and rain, which made my heart deeply remind you of it. On the streets of Orchard Road, the lights are quietly smashed, and there is no snow on Christmas! I am like a beautiful and lovely Christmas tree, standing quietly on the bustling streets, waiting for you to look back in the crowd, rushing to me... Time is rushing too fast, life is too short to be stay sad!


On December 22nd, the program was wonderful..... masquerade, singing and dancing, delicious food, wine tasting, and also the best awards of the night as an incentive! See who is the best make-up award, the best image award, the best song award, the best cheongsam award, the best performance award, and more. In addition, the wine appreciator is also invited to attend the popular knowledge of wine identification! A rare opportunity! I hope that everyone will bring friends and spend a good time together!


Dear, let's meet Christmas Eve and go to "Dream Life" to draw a perfect ending for 2018! You don't come, I don't go....


Date   : 22.12.2018 (Sat) 6-10pm

Venue: Blue Pier (East Coast)

Cost    : $50 members / $60 non-

members (including venue,

fee, catering and wine)



Cheongsam or Chinese costumes, in order to take group photos.

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