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正规会员 Ordinary Members 


  • 您喜欢旗袍与华族传统文化吗?

  • 您喜欢胡姬花文化吗?

  • 您希望提高自己的气质素养与优雅魅力吗?

  • 您想要广交朋友、共享资源、并与社会上、乃至国际上志同道合的人士建立广大的网络联系吗?

  • 您愿意参与各种规模的新加坡国际旗袍与文化协会主办或协办的公益、慈善和商业交流等庆典,或节日庆祝的表演及聚会吗?




我们诚挚地邀请您和朋友一起加入新加坡国际旗袍与文化协会! 所有会员都将享受各种走秀、闪拍、表演、交流、培训、讲座等活动的百分之十至三十的折扣。正规会员费是新币一百二十元(为期三年) 。





Paynow T18SS0061LICA
大华银行账字:International Cheongsam Association




  • 已阅读并理解了《新加坡国际旗袍与文化协会章程》的有关内容;

  • 自觉遵守并履行《章程》规定的会员的各项义务;

  • 没有违法行为的记录和没有提供虚假资料的行为,如有自己愿意承担一切后果;

  • 任何时候,不会私自以协会名义进行任何商业活动,并愿意承担一切后果

  • 同意授权本协会使用本人肖像作为宣传。


Join as a member (all ladies and gentlemen are welcome) with International Cheongsam and culture Association Singapore (ICAS Singapore)!


Do you have a passion for Cheongsam or Traditional Cultures?

Do you want to nurture or elevate your cultural competence and your gracefulness and elegance?

Do you want to meet new and old friends, be able to establish connections, and exchange resources with people who are sharing common interests, beliefs, or dreams in life?


Would you like to have the opportunities to participate in performances or gathering events organized or co-organised by ICA Singapore, such as charity, business functions, anniversary, holiday celebrations, etc?


The ICA platform will also bring you the opportunities to participate in global events organized by Other Cheongsam or Traditional Cultural Organisations. ICA is committed to leading all members to unlock their hidden potentials, bring them to a new era of business networking, potential partnership, and friendship opportunities!


We cordially invite you and your friends to join ICCA Singapore. As a member, you are able to enjoy 10%-30% off for holiday events, catwalks or performances, training, seminars, business gatherings, etc.


How to apply:-

1. Please fill in the online form (see below) and submit it.

2. Submit this form and agree to follow the rule and regulations of the Association.

3. Make payment of S$120 for 3-year membership per applicant, either through Paynow T18SS0061L or transfer to the following bank account:

UOB Bank Account Name: International Cheongsam and Culture Association of Singapore

UOB Current Account Number: 348-315-892-9


Application Form
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