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on 19 Dec 2021



旗袍 是东方女性优雅美丽的象征,我们不仅要把最美好的外在表现出来,也要把中华女性的传统美德及温柔优雅的一面展示出来,以仁爱之心,感恩之心,和喜乐之心来影响世界,传递“爱与美”的正能量。

Cheongsam is a symbol of the elegance and beauty of oriental women. We must not only show the most beautiful appearance, but also show the traditional virtues and gentleness of Chinese women, with a heart of love, gratitude, and joy. To influence the world and to pass on the positive energy of "love and beauty".

胡姬花 是一种十分珍贵的兰花品种,“卓锦·万代兰”的胡姬花(兰花)也是新加坡的国花,有卓越锦绣、万代不朽之意。我们愿像胡姬花有卓越优雅的气质,世世代代相传下去,活出美丽丰盛的生命!​​

Orchid flower is a very precious orchid variety. Orchid flower is also the national flower of Singapore. We are willing to have an elegant and elegant temperament like Orchid, passed down from generation to generation, and live a beautiful and full life!




Elegance is the result of experience. Elegance is the unity of external beauty and internal beauty. It is a noble temperament, a kind of indescribably graceful style, which is manifested by the infiltration of various internal qualities. This demeanor is the crystal of a person's cultural accomplishment, aesthetic concepts, and spiritual world, and it can reflect the most rational and most infectious glory!

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